Coldwater Oldtimers Recreational Hockey League

Coldwater Oldtimers Recreational Hockey League


CORHL – 2017-18 Season

We are just days away from our first game and we’re looking forward to another great season.

Welcome back to all of our returning players and a special welcome to the new players who will be joining our league for the first time. Once again, the CORHL has been successful in attracting recreational old timer hockey players, age 38 and over, who are looking for a balanced, competitive and fun “Draft” league. With a maximum of 15 skaters and 1 goalie on each of our 8 teams, we can accommodate 128 players in total. This year, with only one week to go before our first game, we only have room for 4 more players. So hurry if you’re interested in playing this year.

Please refer back to our website throughout the season for up-to-date league News, Standings and Statistics. Also feel free to contact me or Bert with any questions.

Just a gentle reminder: all league fees are due now, so please submit your payments as soon as possible.

As my mother used to say as I headed out for hockey games, “… have fun and play nice!”

Our Player “DRAFT” – How it works!

Many of you have asked about how our “Draft” system works. Our random “blind” player draft continues to be successful in attracting players and keeping all of our teams reasonably balanced. Each year, we consider new player and team balancing options to ensure that we maintain a fairly consistent level of recreational competiveness between our 8 teams and 128 players.

To achieve this, we go through the following process at our pre-season player draft:
Each player’s name is written on the inside of a folded card. Based on criteria such as age and skill level, each player is assigned a ranking number of between 1 & 10, with our most skilled players ranked at 10. Each player’s position and rank number is then written on the outside of the folded card. We end up with a series of folded cards showing only … F-6; D-3; G-5; F-10; D-6; etc…. displayed on a large table with the players name hidden inside the folded card.

Each team then blindly draws an equal number of F-8’s, D-6’s, F-3’s, D-2’s, etc. Once all cards are drawn, all 8 teams end up with a balance of forwards and defensemen adding up to the same point totals. Goalies are then drawn randomly as well.

Aside from the balanced play, over the years this process helps us develop a much friendlier social environment as each year we all meet and play with new people. This is what the CORHL is all about.

If you are interested in joining our league and are 38+ years of age, please contact me or Bert Dobson.

Keep your head up and play for fun!

Len DeFlece